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אירועים בטבע, חתונות בטבע, הפקת אירועים עסקיים בטבע | חוות דרך ארץ מדריך האירועים בטבע - טיפים ומידע לפני חתונה מושלמת בטבע, בגן אירועים 'חוות דרך ארץ' חתונה כפרית בטבע | גן אירועים בטבע - חוות דרך ארץ

About the Place

Derech Eretz was founded to the foothills of Judaean Mountains, in Moshav Mahseya, out of love for the land and its beautiful nature. Derech Eretz was first founded as a spice farm which attracted tourists and visitors from all over Israel, and hosted different activities for families, music concerts by leading artists and a unique boutique restaurant.

Following repeated demands over the years, Derech Eretz enabled the production of events in nature on site, for people who discovered the hidden potential of the place. Since then, Derech Eretz became a venue for events in nature, specializing in the production of weddings in nature with a unique concept, rarely found in Israel.  The farm offers unique events in an area specially adapted in the most comprehensive and advanced way, to make the perfect event for your special day.

Nowadays, Derech Eretz is a wedding in nature brand, known to event planners in central Israel, as well as Jerusalem, Modiin, Beit Shemesh and the surrounding communities. Derech Eretz invites you to celebrate with an event in the open, pastoral nature, between the spices trails, fig trees and magical wild flora. In Derech Eretz you will surely enjoy a unique, exciting and unforgettable experience, guarded in everlasting memories.

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